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108. WorldVeg: Building Momentum for Traditional African Vegetables in Madagascar

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The World Vegetable Center (WorldVeg) is leading a study aimed at understanding the diversity of traditional African vegetables used by Malagasy farmers, assessing their conservation status, and exploring opportunities for income generation and increased consumption. Details of the study supported by the Darwin Initiative are presented in an article entitled "Building momentum for traditional African vegetables in Madagascar" by Ritha Luoga and Sognigbe N'Danikou published in the WorldVeg website.

The Darwin Initiative aims to promote the production and commercialization of traditional African vegetables through the conservation and development of genetic resources in Madagascar. The project will make vegetables accessible to 15,000 Malagasy farmers, promote climate-friendly agricultural systems and conserve vegetable biodiversity. This project is helping Madagascar to achieve SDG1 (eliminate poverty), SDG2 (zero hunger) and SDG13 (specific measures against climate change).



World Vegetable Center. Building momentum for traditional African vegetables in Madagascar 

Tadele, Z. Orphan crops: their importance and the urgency of improvement. Planta 250, 677–694 (2019)

Use of photos for publicity is authorized by WorldVeg.

Contributor: HOSHIKAWA Ken (Biological Resources and Post-harvest Division)

Fig. 1. Evaluation of vegetable varieties and landraces at WorldVeg

Fig. 2. Amaranth in African supermarket

Fig. 3. African eggplant

Fig. 4. African nightshade

Fig. 5. Plots of amaranth and Ethiopian mustard

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