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102. IFPRI: ebook "COVID-19 & Global Food Security"

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The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has published an electronic book “COVID-19 & Global Food Security”, tacklingthe impact of COVID-19 on global poverty, food security, diets and nutrition, labor restrictions and remittances, food trade, supply chains, gender and employment. This e-book also presents policy responses to the pandemic on global food and nutrition security, and provides  key insights on the future of pandemics and food systems.

In addition, various tracking tools developed and published by IFPRI are also currently available. At the global level, the Food Security Portal provides updates on price fluctuation of staple food crops and the COVID-19 Food Trade Policy Tracker is a tool tracking food export restrictions and documenting their impact. In some African and South Asian countries, the Food Price Monitor provides the market conditions for staple and non-staple foods at the local level. To measure differences in public policy response, IFPRI has also developed the COVID-19 Policy Response (CPR) Portal, a country-specific policy response tracking system that complements the World Bank's social security tracking system.


IFPRI (2020) Covid-19 & Global Food Security. Edited by Johan Swinnen & John McDermott

IFPRI. Food Security Portal

IFPRI. Covid-19 Food Trade Policy Tracker

IFPRI. Covid-19 Food Price Monitor

IFPRI. Covid-19 Policy Response (CPR) Portal

[all accessed on Aug 3]

Contributor: SHIRATORI Sakiko (Research Strategy Office)

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