Development of forest management and conservation techniques through sustainable use in Southeast Asia

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Rural Livelihood Improvement


The multiple functions of forests support the basis of long term and sustainable production for agriculture and fisheries but recently, deforestation has caused impending deterioration to the livelihood of the local people. Forest management techniques are indispensable, depending on the condition of the forest in each area due to the limited effects so far of the efforts of the forest preservation restoration program.
Therefore, we will tackle the following three projects:

  1. In northeastern Thailand, we will try to enhance the functionality of utilization technologies and divert ecological resources in forests through the stabilization of usable local forestry.
  2. In Malaysia, we will develop technology for the sustainable use of forest resources through selective logging guidelines, while preserving genetic diversity in the hill dipterocarp forests.
  3. Promotion of the use of versatile technology for forest resources from plantations and artificial forests.

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