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608. TICAD 8 Side-Event “Managing African Soil for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability” Succesfully Held

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The TICAD 8 official side-event Managing African Soil for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability was successfully held yesterday, August 30, 2022.

The event started with a keynote speech on the transition and prospects of agronomy to solve low soil fertility and nutrient deficiencies faced by small-scale farmers in Africa, followed by sessions on technological development and social implementation, and a panel discussion on ways of collaboration among stakeholders to realize agricultural development through sustainable soil management. The panel discussion was very fruitful and productive.

Thank you very much for joining us !

We will report the details of the event later here in Pick Up.

Contributors: NAKASHIMA Kazuo (Director, Food Program), TSUJIMOTO Yasuhiro and NAGUMO Fujio (Crop, Livestock and Environment Division)

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