Development of Soybean Culture in Indonesia

Tropical agriculture research series : proceedings of a symposium on tropical agriculture researches
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Since the initiation of the PELITA Plan the production of soybean has generally increased, primarily due to the expansion of the area planted.
At the same time the demand for soybean, especia!Jy in the last six years, has also been increasing. As the production could not meet the increasing demand, importation of large quantities of soybean has taken place. This situation necessitates the promotion and development of soybean cultivation.
Since 1974 an intensification program has been initiated. To date the government has recommended technological packages for boosting soybean production. These packages will be applied in the intensification and areal expansion programs as well.
Multilocational trials followed by demonstrations and seed production are the main activities supporting the technological packages. These trials are conducted by Research Institutes and the Directorate of Production, in farmers' fields.
Soybean cultivation is associated with a large number of constraints hampering production. The use of important components, as specified in the intensification program, and of suitable varieties is essential.
With the government support and policies followed by the action program, soybean cultivation appears to have a good prospect for further development.
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