Limited Popularity of Soybean Cultivation in South and Southeast Asia

Tropical agriculture research series : proceedings of a symposium on tropical agriculture researches
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Soybean is an important food, feed, oil, and industrial crop in South and Southeast Asia. In l981 Asian countries in the region (including Japan and Korea) imported more than 6.6 million tons of soybean. Although soybean consumption is growing, the area planted and yield per hectare have not increased significantly. The reasons for this situation vary. In Indonesia and Thailand, the price of soybean is attractive, but average yields are low. In Taiwan and the Philippines, price supports are insufficient to provide a good return compared with other crops. Poor yields are generally due to the use of non adapted cultivars, the Jack of quality seeds, inadequate extension services, the absence of appropriate and economical management technology, risks due to pests and diseases, and the high cost of production. The low cost of imported soybean is also a factor.
Although there are many limitations for expanding soybean cultivation in the region, work has already begun at IITA, INTSOY, and AVRDC, and strong cooperative programs are being established at the international level. Through interdisciplinary and international efforts that link research with extension, the countries in South and Southeast Asia can resolve their soybean production problems.
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