Eucalypts for South-East Asia

Tropical agriculture research series : proceedings of a symposium on tropical agriculture researches
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Figures are quoted for areas of eucalypt plantations throughout the world. South-east Asia accounts for only a small fraction of the world total. For the equatorial zone Eucalyptus deglupta, the
only species which occurs naturally in the zone, is likely to be best adapted. For areas with a distinct dry season a wider range of species is suggested for testing. The importance of provenance is stressed. Among the silvicultural characteristics of the genus are its intolerance of competition and, in dry areas, the possibility of termite attack and boron deficiency. All can be overcome by appropriate
treatment. The faster-growing species are capable of a mean annual increment of 25-30m3/ha/an on average sites. For some purposes, especially fuelwood, specific gravity is no less important than volume production.
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