Closing Remarks

JIRCAS International Symposium Proceedings

Thank you very much. It is my pleasure to say a few words at the closing of this symposium.
The sustainable development of agriculture is very important to increase and stabilize the income of agriculture,
and also it will contribute to stability in food security globally. In order to achieve these goals, various initiatives
have been discussed. During this symposium, we have received many presentations on this very topic.
The symposium was for one day and a half and my impression was as follows.
The issues that we have to resolve are very complex. In order to resolve these issues, it will require collaboration
as well as networking amongst various areas, and in this regard, Japan can play a very important role.
Therefore, on the part of JIRCAS, the organizing entity of this symposium, we stand ready to work with many
partners. In terms of research as well as development, we will strengthen the domestic facilities so that we may
contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture going forward, and we have reconfirmed this commitment.
Now and lastly, we are grateful for the valuable contributions made by the participants, the speakers as well as
the audience. Thank you very much indeed. And thank you very much for your attendance. Thank you.

作成者 Masami Yasunaka
公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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