Current functions and expected roles of Private Forest Plantation Cooperatives in Thailand

JIRCAS Working Report
ISSN 1341710X
書誌レコードID(総合目録DB) AA11159468
In Thailand, large areas of private tree plantations were established by the Economic Tree Plantation Promotion Project initiated by Royal Forest Department (RFD) since 1994. To secure the profits from these tree plantations, Private Forest Plantation Cooperatives (PFPC) have been set up all over the country since 1996. As a result, a total of 36 Private Forest Plantation Cooperatives had been established by 2002. The current functions and expected roles of PFPC were investigated on the basis of interviews with the board members of PFPCs. The results showed that the current functions and expected roles of PFPCs differed from place by place according to regional properties, such as the existence of a local market for teak and the abundance of resources. Some key points for the future development of PFPCs were considered to be planning of development that fits the local needs and constraints, strengthening of organization and appropriate role sharing among board members, and consideration of the sustainability of activities based on updated forest resource information.
作成者 Naoyuki Furuya Woraphun Himmapan Iwao Noda
著者キーワード Private Forest Plantation Cooperative Teak (Tectona grandis) Tree planting promotion Farm forestry Thailand
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