Current situation and solution on management of Nong Bua Lam Phu Private Forest Plantation Cooperative Limited

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This study aimed to examine the current situation in the cooperative management of Nong Bua Lam Phu Private Forest Plantation Cooperative Limited and to provide recommendations for strengthening the management. The study was conducted by interviewing the opinions of chairman and committee members of the cooperative on the advantages and disadvantages in the current management situation. The study found that most of committee members agreed that the current organization had sufficient and appropriate committee members. The existing products were easy to distribute to customers based on their orders. The committee members were also satisfied with their knowledge of plantation management, cooperative management and operational readiness. Members also had knowledge of plantation and cooperative management and always participated in the meetings and distribution of the cooperative’s products. Moreover, the cooperative had database of the members’ plantations, good markets and low competition were advantages as well. However, there were several disadvantages of the organization such as low incentive, short supply of raw materials, outdated equipments and lack of working capital and insufficient loans due to no land as an asset for guarantee. Changes in social could result in labor shortages; however, the local government policy had no impact on cooperative operations.
In conclusion, there were five strategies to strengthen the cooperative management. First, the cooperative administrative office should be managed by a professional manager, accounting and marketing officers. Second, the cooperative should serve as a distributor of log, timber and members’ wood products. Third, members should produce teak products by themselves including for solving the lacking of carpenters. Forth, the cooperative should give opportunity for the local labor to participate as an employee. Finally, Royal Forest Department should review and edit the rules and regulations of teak plantation for increasing plantation area and promoting the utilization of teak in the future.
作成者 Woraphun Himmapan Iwao Noda Naoyuki Furuya
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