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JIRCAS Newsletter
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  • The Symposium in Retrospect p.3

Special Feature
JIRCAS International Symposium 2021

  • JIRCAS International Symposium 2021 Report  p.4 
  • Keynote Speech 1
    Research priorities in support of global and regional food systems transformations p.5 
  • Keynote Speech 2
    UN Food Systems Summit is only the first step  p.6 
  • Presentation 1
    Transforming agri-food systems in the Asia-Pacific  p.7 
  • Presentation 2
    Creating opportunities for transformative climate adaptation and mitigation by farmers in the Asian Monsoon Region  p.7 
  • Presentation 3
    Prioritized initiatives in the field of agricultural and rural development in the Asian monsoon region  p.8 
  • Presentation 4
    Wise soil management for achieving triple wins in agriculture ‒food security, adaptation and mitigation  p.8 
  • Presentation 5
    Working for small-scale farmers towards sustainable food system in  Asia  Monsoon  Region  p.9 
  • Panel Discussion  p.9 


  • 【Research Highlights】
    • World’s First Successful Development of Wheat That Shows High Productivity with Less Nitrogen Fertilizer
      —  Use of ammonium to prevent nitrogen pollution and increase food production at the same time ―   p.10
    • Elucidation of the Unique Reproductive Behavior of Desert Locust
      —  Efficient pest control that can lead to reduction in use of pesticides ―  p.10
    • New Rice Varieties Released in Madagascar
      ― “FyVary” varieties show high productivity under nutrient deficiencies ―  p.11
    • Life-Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential of BNI-Enabled Wheat
      —  Wheat with 40% nitrification inhibition rate will lead to a 9.5% reduction in GHG emissions from wheat production worldwide ―   p.11
  • 【2021 (The 15th) Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers (Japan Award) and Commendation Ceremony】
    • The 2021 (The 15th) Japan Award Winners  p.12
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