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JIRCAS Mail Magazine No. 33 (July 2022)

The 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8) will be held in Tunisia on August 27 and 28, 2022.
(TICAD began in 1993 at the initiative of the Japanese government to promote development, peace and stability in Africa.)

Prior to this main event, a TICAD 8 side event will be held on August 5 (Fri), organized by the Sasakawa Africa Association and JIRCAS.
We look forward to your participation.

■ TICAD8 Side-event
"Healthy Soils for Food Security in Africa - Potential of Regenerative Agriculture"
This event aims at offering a forum for research and development communities to exchange their experiences and insights on regenerative agriculture in different spatial/temporal scales, and to define which technology portfolio and extension approaches would suit in the context of smallholder farmers in Africa.

Date:5 August (Fri) 19:30 ~ 22:15 (JST)
Format : Online
Program & Registration : https://www.saaticad8.com/en/healthy_soills.html 

■ New Technologies and Research Outputs
In this issue, we will introduce information on the results of JIRCAS research activities in Africa in the context of TICAD.

● Increase of rice yield in response to phosphorus fertilizer application can be predicted by soil phosphorus retention capacity
Rice paddies in Madagascar are deficient in phosphorus. Even when phosphorus fertilizer was applied, rice yields varied greatly from field to field, and this study showed that the increase in rice yield in response to P fertilizer application can be predicted by soil P retention capacity.

● Meta-analysis for evaluation of fertilizer effect under upland rice cultivation in Africa
Using NERICA 4, a major African upland rice cultivar, a meta-analysis integrating and analyzing data from multiple cultivation trials to quantify the effects of chemical fertilizer on increasing yields according to environmental factors. These results provide guidelines for fertilizer design in African upland rice cultivation.

● Introducing vegetables upstream of irrigation areas may increase farm income and lead to equitable water distribution
In sub-Saharan Africa, the demand for horticultural crops is growing, and conditions are being created to increase farmers' income through agricultural diversification. By utilizing irrigated paddy fields with irrigation channels and introducing marketable vegetable crops, water for irrigation can be saved and farmers' income can be improved.
■ Publications
● Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly vol. 56 no. 3
The Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly (JARQ) is a comprehensive English-language academic journal that introduces the latest status of research on agriculture, forestry, and fisheries in Japan.

● JIRCAS Outline Brochure (2022-2023)
The new brochure introducing JIRCAS and its research activities is now available.

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