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【JIRCAS Mail Magazine No. 29 (Mar 2022)】
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BNI-enhanced Wheat Research Wins “Cozzarelli Prize” for 2021 from National Academy of Sciences and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The JIRCAS research on the development of a new wheat variety (BNI-enhanced wheat) that can maintain productivity with a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer by overcoming the technically difficult task of mating wheat and wild species was awarded the “Correlli Prize” by PNAS.

This research has also been selected as one of the 10 Major Agricultural Technology News in 2021 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan.

■ Latest Topics
● Official Website Top Page Renewal
The top page of the JIRCAS website has been renewed and is now easier to view, easier to use, and more visually informative.

● TAKADA Research Fellow Receives the JSTA Promotional Award for Achievement in Tropical Agriculture
Dr. TAKADA Kanako, a research fellow in the Crop, Livestock and Environment Division, received the 2022 Promotional Award for Achievement in Tropical Agriculture from the Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture (JSTA) for her research on biological nitrogen fixation and symbiosis of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in tropical yams.

● Practical Application of SATREPS Oil Palm Trunk Research — Panasonic New Technology Material “PALM LOOP”
Panasonic Corporation, a joint research member of the SATREPS oil palm trunk research, has succeeded in materializing palm trunk pellets using new technology, and decided to use "PALM LOOP" as the common global name for the pellets to be used in the furniture manufacturing market.

● Animation Video “Protein intake of Rural People in Lao PDR and Sustainable Measures to Address Protein Deficiency” in JIRCAS Channel
An animation of the results of the JIRCAS project “Multiple use of regional resources in semi-mountainous villages” conducted in Laos is now available and is expected to be used as educational material for Lao farmers and as reference for the Lao government and international development agencies in formulating policies.

■ New Technology and Research Results from JIRCAS
This is the last issue for introducing the results of last year's (FY2020) research.
 From the next issue, we will introduce the results for FY2021.

● Designing a polyurethane-based husker roll for long-grain rice using a finite element model
Long-grain rice such as indica rice causes high friction during husking which in turn induces wear in the rice roll husker. Applying numerical model analysis and using rolls made of polyurethane achieved a better husking ratio and nearly 10 times greater durability.

● Discovery of /Capillibacterium thermochitinicola/, a thermophilic anaerobic bacterium that decomposes chitin
Chitin, a component of shrimp and crab shells, is a polysaccharide and the second most abundant natural biological resource after cellulose, but is discarded in large quantities by seafood processing plants. A novel bacterium (/C. thermochitinicola/) isolated from compost on Ishigaki Island, can decompose crystalline chitin and is expected to be used for industrial applications of waste.

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