Detection of Trematode of Swine, Fasciolopsis buski , in Small Scale Farms in The Mekong Delta

JIRCAS Journal
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To demonstrate the infection of pigs with Fasciolopsis buski in the Mekong Delta, an investigation into the actual conditions was carried out in the Mekong Delta. A total of 87 pigs from 38 farms were examined for the presence of the treamatode. The infection was detected in 4 pigs 4 farms (5.7%). Three of them showed a low count of eggs pre gram (EPG) and no clear clinical signs such as diarrhes. One infected sow with an average of l.000EPG showed constipation. Since only these 4 infected pigs had eaten water spinach (lpomoea aquatica) as a supplement for feed, it is suggested that this vegetable may play an important role in the cycle of infection with F.buski of pigs in small scale farming systems. Infection in human can be anticipated because this fluke is involved in zoonosis and people eat commonly this vegetable. The F.buski eggs died by passing through the biodigester system. The digester may contribute not only to protect the environment but also to control a zoonosis caused by several flukes in the Mekong Delta.

作成者 Shinobu YOSHIHARA Nguyen Huu HUNG Nguyen Phuc HUNG Masaru KOBAYASHI
著者キーワード zoonotic trematode public health water spinach biodigester.
公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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