Action Program for Small-scale Riverbank Protection in a Bangladesh Village

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We executed an action program to protect riverbanks from erosion for two years in a village in Bangladesh under the JSRDE (Joint Study on Rural Development Experiment) project funded by JICA. This paper describes the physical damage of riverbank erosion and its impact on the villagers, and discusses protection methods derived from existing local technology. We constructed palisades, in the river to protect the riverbank. On the advice of the villagers and other relevant individuals, the palisades were four-sided fences constructed out of bamboo tied vertically and horizontally in a checker pattern and iron boards made from stretched out oil drums. The program of using palisades for two years was successful because palisades were effective not only in protecting the riverbank from erosion but they also accelerated soil sedimentation along the riverside. Moreover, planting vegetation on the riverside to protect from erosion, which is a local technique, was also confirmed to be effective. We emphasize the importance of learning about and positively evaluating existing local technology for rural development programs in developing countries like Bangladesh.

作成者 UCHIDA Haruo ANDO Kazuo



soil sedimentation

local existing technology

rural development program

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DOI 10.6090/jarq.45.137
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