Comparison of Wood Density and Water Content Between Dry Evergreen and Dry Deciduous Forest Trees in Central Cambodia

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
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We compared wood density (WD) and water content (WC) between a dry evergreen forest (DEF) and dry deciduous forest (DDF) in central Cambodia. Wood core samples of 53 species from DEF and 54 species from DDF were collected. Average WD and WC in all species were similar between DEF (0.64 g/cm3 of WD; 0.40 g/cm3 of WC) and DDF (0.64 g/cm3 of WD; 0.42 g/cm3 of WC), although the average WC of five tree species that appeared in both forest types was higher in DDF than that in DEF.  Tree size effects on WD and WC were negligible in both DEF and DDF. Intraspecific differences of those effects on WD and WC were also not observed in major canopy species in DDF and DEF, except for WD of Shorea obtusa in DDF, whose value increased with increasing tree diameter. Tree life-forms such as canopy, subcanopy, and understory species did not affect WD and WC in both forest types, although canopy gap species in DEF showed the smallest WD among the life-forms. The relationships between WD and WC in DEF and DDF were negatively correlated, and both regression equations did not differ between forest types. Overall, there were little differences on average WD and WC between DEF and DDF trees, even though their species composition and tree ecological traits were significantly different between forest types in central Cambodia.

作成者 Tanaka KENZO Makoto SANO Reiji YONEDA Sophal CHANN


plant functional group


wood specific gravity


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DOI 10.6090/jarq.51.363
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