Biomethanol Production and CO2 Emission Reduction from Forage Grasses, Trees, and Crop Residues

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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With a wide array of potentially renewable energy resources, the concept and proposed benefits evolving from the use of biofuels are inspiring. Recently, a new approach for gasification of biomass by partial oxidation and subsequent biomethanol production has been developed and is being evaluated at the “Norin Green No. 1 (renamed as Norin Biomass No. 1)” test plant in Nagasaki, Japan. To determine a useful protocol for producing biomethanol, various kinds of biomass resources, such as sawdust and bark of Japanese cedar, chipped Japanese larch, bamboo, salix, cut waste wood from demolition sites, sorghum, and bran, straw, and husks of rice were evaluated for their biofuel-use characteristics. From this analysis, lignocellulosic resources (wood materials) and rice bran were estimated to produce a high methanol yield (55% by weight), whereas rice straw and husks were estimated to produce lower methanol yield of 36% and 39%, respectively. On the basis of the data obtained from the test plant, the net heat yield by the methanol production of a full-scale commercial plant was estimated to be ca. 40%. Each of these products is a clean material, readily obtained and highly useful for biomethanol production. Developing nations interested in constructing a national energy policy should focus upon the establishment of a biofuel-based economy. Recycling of agricultural and forest industry by-products has been previously shown to reduce the demand for fossil fuels and provides a more ecologically friendly energy resource. Our research suggests that additional sources of biomethanol production could be developed through the utilization of cellulosic and lignocellulosic raw materials.

作成者 NAKAGAWA Hitoshi HARADA Toshirou ICHINOSE Toshimitsu TAKENO Keiji MATSUMOTO Shinji KOBAYASHI Makoto SAKAI Masayasu



lignocellulosic material

Norin Green No. 1 test plant


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DOI 10.6090/jarq.41.173
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