Plant Genetic Resources in Japan: Platforms and Destinations to Conserve and Utilize Plant Genetic Diversity

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Since 1985, the Genebank project has been implemented as a national program to collect, characterize,evaluate, rejuvenate, conserve and use plant, microorganism and animal genetic resources for food and agriculture. NIAS has functioned as a center-bank of the project in cooperation with other agricultural public and private sectors. This national network on genetic resources for food and agriculture currently preserves approximately 233,000 accessions of crop germplasm and wild relatives of about 1,450 species involving 45,000 accessions of clonal crops. Among them 205,000 accessions are conserved as base collection, while 129,000 accessions, as active collection, are distributed for research purposes under the regulation of MTA between NIAS Genebank and recipients worldwide. We have undertaken international collaboration focusing on exploration for collecting genetic resources under the regulation of MOU or MOA with collaborating parties and on in situ conservation and on farm management of plant genetic resources in several Asian countries. Research highlights on conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources will be discussed in this report.

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ex situ conservation



germplasm enhancement

in situ conservation

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