Long Term Storage of Pear (Pyrus spp.) Shoot Cultures In Vitro by Minimal Growth Method

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Pear (Pyrus serotina cv. Senryo) shoots grown on MS medium containing 2.5% sucrose, 1 mg/l BA and solidified with 0.8% agar (control medium) were stored at 5 different temperatures for 64 weeks. The shoots did not survive at 0? for more than 4 weeks. At intermediate temperatures such as 18℃ and 10℃, the survival rates of the shoots gradually declined after 16 and 32 weeks, respectively. Both survival and shoot regeneration rates were the highest in the shoots stored at 5℃ under an 8 h light and 16 h dark regime. Modified media containing Paclobutrazol (PP333), Uniconazole-P (S-327D), 10% sucrose, 2% agar or 1/4 strength MS salts were more effective for 2-year storage compared with the control medium. Pyrus communis (cv. Winter Nelis) shoots stored at 5℃ for 64 weeks also regenerated shoots normally. The established storage method was successfully applied to nearly 200 pear accessions conserved in the field genebank.

作成者 Seibi OKA Takao NIINO
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