Accelerated Maturation of Cheese by Proteolytic Enzymes Produced by Brevibacterium lines

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Shortening the maturation period has several advantages in reducing the cost of cheese production. Elevated temperature, enzyme addition, modified starter and a slurry method have been used to reduce the period. Successful results in accelerated ripening have been reported by employing enzymes such as proteinases, peptidases, lipase and β-galactosidase and a mixture of enzymes. In particular, the addition of proteinase in a promising method, though excess amounts of enzymes tend to lead to the development of bitterness and weaken cheese body. Although these shortcomings can be alleviated by the addition of peptidases that release amino acids without affecting the cheese body, such peptidases are not as widely available commercially as are proteinases. The aminopeptidase and serine proteinase which are involved in the maturation of surface ripening of cheese varieties such as Danbo, Limburger and Gruyere have been purified and characterized with a view to applying them to accelerate the ripening of cheese. The effect of aminopeptidase and serine proteinase has been investigated together with the characterization of there enzymes.

作成者 Kiyoshi HAYASHI
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