Development of Chinese Cabbage Harvester

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Chinese cabbage harvester was developed and tasted to save time and labor for harvesting. The machine is a once-over harvester for one row. To meet the functional requirements of the machine and design specific machine components, the physical properties of the plant were analyzed. After obtaining the information of the physical properties of Chinese cabbage, the pulling mechanism and cutting mechanism were developed. The puling mechanism consists of a set of biaxial screw augers and a set of feed belts. Chinese cabbages were pulled off from the ground and transported by the pulling mechanism. When the heads are transported by the pulling mechanism, the wrapper leaves are removed by the cutting mechanism that consists of a rotating disk-cutter. A one-row walking prototype of harvester with the pulling and cutting mechanisms was constructed and tested in the field The machine worked continuously for pulling Chinese cabbages, cutting the wrapper leaves and leaving the heads in the field. After evaluation of the performance of the walking-type harvester, a treactor-mounted-type harvester was constructed and improved by the addition of an elevator, a bulk bin and a height controller system. This machine was operated at a harvest rate of 2 a/h. Two men are required for the harvesting operation. Heads were not lost and were shipped to the market by hand retrimming. Total harvesting work rate including retrimming by hand was about 30 man-h/10 a.

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