Effects of Uniconazole and Gibberellic Acid Application on Elongation of Hypocotyl and Internodes in Figleaf Gourd for Rootstock

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
書誌レコードID(総合目録DB) AA0068709X

In mechanical grafting, as the axes of scions and rootstocks are grasped by mechanical hands, it is necessary to control the length of axes in the grafting procedures. Therefore, this study was conducted to analyze effects of uniconazole and gibberellic acid application on the axis length of figleaf gourd, a rootstock for cucumber. Elongation of hypocotyl and internodes was more inhibited by immersion of seeds in uniconazole at increasing concentrations ranging from 1 to 100 mg/l. However, spraying of 50 mg/l gibberellic acid at the cotyledon-unfolded stage enabled to recover the inhibition of internode elongation by uniconazole. The elongating effect was enhanced by the increase of the concentration of gibberellic acid up to 50 mg/l, but not at 100 mg/l. It was suggested that the length of the hypocotyl and internodes of figleaf gourd can be controlled by the application of uniconazole and gibberellic acid.

作成者 Masayuki ODA
国立情報学研究所メタデータ主題語彙集(資源タイプ) Journal Article
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