GIS in Fisheries Resources Research: Current Situation and Prospects

JIRCAS international symposium series
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As convenors of the recent "International Symposium on GIS in Fishery Science" held in Seattle, USA(March, 1999), we noticed that a large number of presentations and a great deal of interest were centered on a particular theme, "GIS in Fisheries Resources Research." Because GIS is an effective analytical method for studying space-oriented fisheries resources, it is appropriate to review the current state of research. With the permission from the speakers at the Symposium, an outline of selected papers on this theme is summarized under the following four categories: (a) presentation (mapping) of parameters relating to fisheries resources, (b) fisheries oceanography and ecosystems, (c) geo-referenced fish resources assessment and analyses, and (d)space-based fisheries management. Through the recent adoption of the UN/FAO's "Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (1995)," the world's fishing nations are gradually adopting practices for promoting sustainable fisheries, protecting the resource base, and maintaining ecosystem health. To achieve these objectives, fisheries scientists and managers have expressed a great interest in developing fisheries GIS. Such specific GIS applications are directed towards the understanding of the spatial processes of fish populations and their ecosystems to promote sustainable fisheries and ecosystem management practices. In this paper, we present the current situation of GIS in fisheries resources research based upon the above-mentioned summary and also discuss prospects for future applications.
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