JIRCAS Showcases Quinoa Research in Bolivia at Global Festa Japan 2023

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JIRCAS participated in the international cooperation event "Global Festa Japan 2023" and introduced its research activities and international cooperation in Bolivia, South America, on quinoa, a highly nutritious crop that grows in harsh environments.

From September 30 (Saturday) to October 1 (Sunday), 2023, JIRCAS actively participated in the international cooperation event, "Global Festa Japan 2023," held at the Tokyo International Forum, and introduced its extensive research and collaborative efforts in Bolivia, South America, centered on the cultivation of quinoa—a resilient and highly nutritious crop capable of thriving in challenging environmental conditions.

Quinoa, known for its exceptional nutritional profile and adaptability, prospers in high-salinity areas near Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni. Recognized as a "superfood," this grain possesses a well-balanced array of macronutrients, making it a vital dietary component. JIRCAS has pioneered a collaborative research initiative, fostering partnerships between research teams in Japan and Bolivia. Their collective aim is to address global food challenges and work towards a sustainable future through comprehensive quinoa research.

During the event, JIRCAS researchers specializing in quinoa presented their findings and local initiatives to the attendees. The booth drew a substantial number of visitors eager to learn about quinoa, leading to lively discussions and inquiries.

Considering the escalating global population and the exacerbation of climate change, agricultural environments are increasingly strained. Consequently, the world faces mounting food insecurities. JIRCAS remains committed to prioritizing quinoa research as a pivotal solution to these impending food challenges and will persistently conduct research and outreach endeavors to contribute to a sustainable world.

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