JIRCAS Researcher, Dr. MAENO Kotaro (Crop, Livestock and Environment Division) received the "2020 Chinguitt Prize for Science and Technology" from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

The Chinguitt Prize is awarded annually by the Mauritanian government to recognize Mauritanian and foreign researchers with outstanding contribution to the promotion and advancement of culture, art and science. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Mauritania and the President is also involved in the selection process. The name "Chinguett" has prospered as the seventh sanctuary of Islam since the 11th century and represents Mauritania as a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Dr. Maeno has been working on the development of control technology for desert locust outbreaks in Africa for nine years and has been based in Mauritania where he scientifically challenged to solve the desert locust problem. At the recommendation of Mr. Mohamed Abdellahi Ould Babah EBBE, the former Director of the Mauritanian Anti-Locust Center, Dr. Maeno received this award for his research on spatiotemporal distribution of desert locust in Mauritania to improve preventive management. He was also recognized for introducing the culture of Mauritania to Japan through publication of books and contributing to the friendly relationship between the two countries.

About Chinguitt Prize: http://www.prixchinguitt.mr