JIRCAS-NARO International Symposium on "Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation" (abstracts and slides uploaded)

Uploaded abstracts and slides of JIRCAS-NARO international symposium on “Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation”.


 Dr. Masa Iwanaga, President of JIRCAS, opened the symposium by expressing his deep appreciation to all 218 participants, including guests from Asia, Africa, and other regions of the world, and describing the background and objectives of the symposium. Mr. Tomohiro Bessho, Director General of the Research Council’s Secretariat, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Japan, then delivered a welcome address to all the participants and introduced recent contributions of MAFF to international research activities on agricultural greenhouse mitigation.

 The first keynote speech, entitled “Climate Change and Agriculture: from Challenges to Solutions”(AbstractPDF icon, PresentationPDF icon) , was delivered by Dr. Jean-Francois Soussana, Vice-President of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). The second keynote speech, entitled “More Food without Growing Greenhouse Gas Emissions”(AbstractPDF icon, PresentationPDF icon) was delivered by Dr. Kazuyuki Yagi, Research Manager for Climate Change of the National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES), NARO, Japan, with the lecture showing a clear picture of GRA.

 The keynote lectures were followed by thematic sessions. Speakers from Japan, Asia, and Latin America presented their research activities and achievements in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, chiefly methane, from livestock and paddy rice fields. On cropland, studies on soil carbon sequestration as well as methane and nitrous oxide (N2O) gas emissions in Japan were shown, and a unique concept called ‘genetic mitigation’ of greenhouse gas emissions was presented. Then, valuable learning experiences from greenhouse gas inventory studies in Asia, and the integration and dissemination of mitigation technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa, were introduced.

 The symposium was concluded by Dr. Akira Hasebe, Vice President of NARO, with words of appreciation to all speakers and chairs. He also emphasized the high importance of accelerating research on greenhouse gas mitigation from agriculture through the GRA Network and the initiative of Japan, which was officially designated as new Chair Country at the Council Meeting.

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Session 1


Kritapon Sommart (Khon Kaen Univ. Thailand)

Methane emissions and energy utilization of Zebu cattle in the tropics

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Yasuo Kobayashi (Hokkaido Univ. Japan)

New feed additives for mitigation methane from ruminant livestock

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Takashi Osada (ILGS, NARO, Japan)

Nitrous oxide, methane and ammonia mitigation trials in swine wastewater purification

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Session 2

(Paddy Rice)

Kazunori Minamikawa (NIAES, NARO, Japan)

Greenhouse gas mitigation by alternate wetting and drying water management in irrigated rice paddies in southeast Asia

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Yasukazu Hosen (JIRCAS, Japan)

Greenhouse gas mitigation in the rice-based Mekong Delta agricultural system

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Bjoern Ole Sander (IRRI)

From research to implementation: IRRI’s activities on GHG mitigation in rice cultivation

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Ngonidzashe Chirinda (CIAT)

The past, present and future of climate change mitigation research for irrigated rice systems in Latin America and Caribbran

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Session 3

(Cropland & Integrated)

Ayaka W. Kishimoto-Wo (NIAES, NARO, Japan)

Climate change mitigation potential of Japanese agricultural soils estimated by country-scale simulation of soil carbon stock change and CH4 and N2O emissions

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Guntur V. Subbarao (JIRCAS, Japan)

Biological nitrification inhibition technology to tackle agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

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Hiroshi Ito (GIO, NIES, Japan)

Introduction of the Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Asia (WAGIAs)

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Robert B. Zougmore (CCAFS, ICRISAT-Bamako)

Climate-Smart Village: an integrated scaling up approach to mitigating climate change in African agriculture

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Opening address by Dr. Iwanaga, President of JIRCAS

Welcome address by Mr. Bessho, Director General of the Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Research Council’s Secretariat, MAFF, Japan

Keynote speech by Dr. Soussana of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)

Keynote speech by Dr. Yagi, Research Manager for Climate Change, NIAES, NARO, Japan

Closing remarks by Dr. Hasebe, Vice President, NARO, Japan

A group photo of all symposium participants

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