Occurrence, Losses and Control of Important Cereal and Food Legume Diseases in West Asia and North Africa

Tropical agriculture research series : proceedings of a symposium on tropical agriculture researches
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The mandate crops of ICARDA: wheat, barley, chickpea, lentil and faba bean suffer from a wide range of diseases. Important diseases of cereals are septoria blotch, rusts, smuts and barley yellow dwarf virus; in food legumes ascochyta blight, wilt, chocolate spot, bean yellow mosaic virus, bean leaf roll virus and nematodes. Some are endemic and others occur epiphytotically. Data on crop losses due to these diseases are rare. Available data on losses caused by smuts, leaf blotch, leaf rust on cereals, ascochyta blight and chocolate spot on food legumes is presented. In addition, results from experimental trials at the Center on crop loss estimates of wheat yellow rust, chickpea blight and three faba bean viruses are discussed. Chemical control measures of the diseases are economically not feasible; chemical seed treatment is effective but not commonly used. Emphasis is on the use of genetic resistance. Reliable screening techniques have been developed to identify resistant material for use in breeding programs. Sources of resistance are derived from cultivars, landraces, wild relatives and progenitors of the mandate crops.
作成者 O. F. Mamluk M. P. Haware K. M. Makkouk S. B. Hanounik
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