Closing Remarks

JIRCAS International Symposium Proceedings

On behalf of the organizers, I would like to make a few concluding remarks at the end of this symposium, though I am afraid that I am not qualified enough to play this role in this female-led symposium.

The main objective of today’s symposium was to promote an active role of female players in fisheries research and industry. By listening to the excellent presentations and discussions, I am sure we have gained a deeper understanding on the vital role of female researchers and administrators in fisheries. Gender issue must be tackled in a broad context, not limited to research, but in society as a whole. I hope the society of fisheries research and industry can work together and make a good and promising model. We at JIRCAS will continue to make efforts to diversify our research environment to obtain better and meaningful research results, in other words, to become an international-standard research institution.

In this symposium, we have also discussed technological and business issues and how we can contribute to the SDGs in the context of fisheries research and industry. This year, the Fisheries Agency of Japan has started a series of prioritized policies to transform our fisheries industry to a high growth industry. I am sure the active participation of female players would be one of the key factors to promote such industrialization, and eventually to contribute to the achievement of the various SDGs.

I would like to take this moment to thank all our speakers, especially the keynote speakers Dr. Meryl Williams and Dr. Kaoru Nakata, for their excellent speeches; our session chairpersons and moderator, for summarizing the presentations and facilitating discussion. I would also like to offer a special word of gratitude to our co-organizer, the Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency, and cooperators, the AFFRC-MAFF, Fisheries Agency of Japan, NARO, TUAT, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Greater Tokyo Initiative (TAMA) and J-FARD.

Finally, thank you to all symposium participants and to everyone involved in planning and holding this event. We are truly grateful for your valuable contributions and attendance. Thank you very much.

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