Efforts in Thailand for value chain establishment and international collaboration

JIRCAS International Symposium Proceedings

Recent economic growth in non-agricultural sectors over past decades has reduced the relative importance
of agriculture in gross domestic product (GDP) and export earnings. However, agriculture remains a
significant economic activity in rural areas. Thailand has been aiming to become the “Kitchen of the World”,
the state policy promoting utilization of Thai agricultural resources and strategic location combined with
R&D. Since 1968, the Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD), a public research
institute, has been conducting R&D on food value chain and provides technical assistance, including
consultancy services in food production, establishment of small and medium sized factories, and technical
training for the public sector and local community, for the improvement of the food industry. Over the past
40-plus years, IFRPD’s activities, which are aimed at strengthening the Thai food industry and are currently
following the policy of promoting the country as the “Kitchen of the World”, will be presented. We strive for
excellence as a food research and development institution and as part of the national food industry. In order
to meet global demand for standard quality and consumer safety in food, we adhere to international quality
standards as required. We also promote the Thai food industry, especially its export products. Collaboration
through networks among government, food industry, and consumers is critical in ensuring the delivery of
safe, healthy, and nutritious food. Advances in science and technology offer many potential benefits in food
production and distribution, which are of considerable influence in the last stage of the food value chain. An
example of international collaboration to maintain traditional food industry and culture will be given.

作成者 Patcharee Tungtrakul

food value chain

international collaboration

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