Agricultural research for development from the viewpoint of journalism

JIRCAS International Symposium Proceedings

About the important role of journalism in the transfer and ‘translation’ of results of agricultural
research in developed and developing countries. Is there a difference between both? Can we learn from each
other? How journalism works and how journalists use modern tools. Are those tools suitable for use in rural
areas in developed and developing countries?
Why scientists and journalists use different words? Is that the reason why scientists distrust journalists?
Is it because the role of journalism is not clear? How can we solve that problem and understand each other
What is the difference between (public and private) extension services and journalism? Do they have
their own job and do they have to work together? What does a journalist need from scientists, research center
and extension services to do his job? Is there a difference for journalists to communicate about technical
research and political and economical research?
How can we promote agricultural journalism in developing countries and what can be the role of
the IFAJ? The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) is a non-political, non-profit
professional organisation with membership covering some 32 countries. Most of them in Europe and North
America. Japan is also member and a few African and Latin American countries. The IFAJ aims to drive
higher standards of professionalism and greater coverage of issues relevant to primary producers and their
industries. The main objectives are to promote research and distribution of fair and accurate information;
encourage unbiased and objectively presented work; help foster professional and personal contacts between
agricultural journalists; assist in training of members and contribute to a better understanding between
farmers, agricultural industries, politicians, researchers and society.
Conclusion: scientist and journalists have to work together as well in developed as in developing
countries. How can we stimulate a better understanding? Research collaboration and capacity-building in the
fi eld of contribution towards the Millennium Development Goals could be a nice practical case.

作成者 Jacques Van Outryve

Agricultural Journalism
Agricultural research

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