Reinforcement of science and technology diplomacy

JIRCAS International Symposium Proceedings

Science and technology hold the key to resolving many of today’s most pressing global issues,
especially building sustainable societies that maximize the earth’s limited resources. In April 2007, the
Council for Science and Technology Policy pointed out that Japan should take a new “science and technology
diplomacy,” perspective, one that seeks to capitalize on these areas in diplomacy. By doing so, and by
reinforcing these activities, Japan should contribute to innovation throughout the world. The reinforcement
of science and technology diplomacy is also important for a strategy for innovating Japan’s social system,
as described in the “The Innovation 25 Strategy.” Strengthening science and technology cooperation with
developing countries is a high priority in science and technology diplomacy. Research cooperation with
developing countries on issues concerning environment at questions, water management, infectious diseases,
and many others functions as a strategic perspective, and networks with the partner countries should be
reinforced. To make it possible for young people from Asia and other parts of world to study Japan’s
environmental technology and policies, the government of Japan will establish and implement programs
to develop those environmental leaders. Japan must change its traditional mind-set, and make use of the
country’s superior strengths in science and technology to take the initiative in solving worldwide problems
that face the human race.

作成者 Taizo Yakushiji

sustainable society

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