The present circumstances of teak wood processing,marketing and future prospects in Northeast Thailand

JIRCAS Working Report
ISSN 1341710X
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The present circumstances of teak wood processing, marketing and future prospects in northeast Thailand were studied in order to improve teak plantation management by local farmers. The first is to rationalize the log purchase prices of middlemen or sawmill factories; the second is to simplify complicated formalities on teak trading. To tackle these obstacles, governmental support should be provided to empower the financial and human resources of private forest owners on a cooperative basis. Log auction markets, moreover, can undertake a significant role as follows: A log auction market can provide a farmer with price information, which would otherwise be hard to obtain, in order to eliminate unfair low prices offered by brokers etc., and ensure that materials of the quality and quantity demanded by wood processing contractors can definitely be supplied. The stable just-in-time supply to meet this demand can be implemented, provided a log auction market is established and all base and price / stock information of the market is shared mutually via an information network. Establishment of such log auction markets should be more feasible, if government support can be introduced in the form of loans for purchasing logs and to cover other running costs for log auction markets, etc. For the time being, private forest owner cooperatives or united organizations should undertake the role of management of log auction markets, because such cooperatives have been publicly organized. If a private forest owner cooperative manages a log auction market, members or farmers can expect stable demand for teak logs at a fair auction price, which paves the way for farmers to become motivated to manage teak plantations.
作成者 Takaaki Komaki Iwao Noda Naoyuki Furuya Yasuhiro Yokota Woraphun Himmapan Arunee Pusudsavang
著者キーワード teak farmers wood processing log auction markets cooperatives
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