JIRCAS Newsletter (94)

JIRCAS Newsletter
ISSN 09198822
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  • Reflections on JIRCAS International Symposium 2022  p.3

Special Feature
JIRCAS International Symposium 2022

  • JIRCAS International Symposium 2022 Report  p.4 
  • Keynote Address 1  p.6 
  • Keynote Address 2  p.7 
  • Session 1  p.8 
  • Session 2  p.10 
  • Panel Discussion  p.12 


  • 【Research Highlights】
    • Development of New Salt Tolerant Soybean Variety with High Yield and Disease Resistance
      —Contributing to stable soybean production in salt-affected agricultural areas―   p.13
    • World’s First Clarification of Genetic Diversity of ‘Hiyuna,’a Traditional Asian Vegetable
      —Four subpopulations distributed in India, China, and other countries―  p.13
    • Development of Organic Fertilizer Production Technology Using Low-Grade Phosphate Rock
      ―Yield increase effect comparable to chemical fertilizer due to the action of soil microorganisms―  p.14
    • Phosphorus Limitations Reduce Total Tropical Forest Production by 36%
      —Contributes to improved accuracy of terrestrial carbon balance models―   p.14
  • 【2022 (The 16th) Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers (Japan Award) and Awarding Ceremony】
    • About the Japan Award  p.15
    • The 2022 (The 16th) Japan Award Ceremony Report  p.15
    • Introduction of the 2022 (The 16th) Japan Award Winners  p.16
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