Understanding Perceptions Regarding Availability, Quality, Status and Methods Used in Storing Fruits and Vegetables in Pakistan′s Dera Ismail Khan District

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This paper presents the results of a survey on the situation of farmers, their problems and feasibility of heat stress techniques during storage of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. In addition, consumer perception was also surveyed regarding availability and quality of stored fruits and vegetables. The survey, which was conducted at Dera Ismail Khan District of Pakistan′s North West Frontier Province during 2004, revealed that most of the farmers sell all their produce in the market just after harvest. This might be either due to the unavailability of storage facilities or the high cost to store low and medium value fruits/vegetables. High electricity costs and frequent power cuts further raised the storage prices. However, among different methods practiced locally, sun drying was the most popular method. Regarding consumer perception, the majority were not satisfied about availability of fruits and vegetables in the market all the year round. Lack of storage facilities, damages that occurred during transportation, improper packaging, the role of middlemen, and huge influx of produce in a short time were the major reasons given for reducing availability of fruits and vegetables to consumers on the one hand and lowering returns to growers on the other. The growers demanded subsidized governmental storage facilities to store their agricultural commodities.

作成者 BALOCH Mohammad Safdar MORIMOTO Tetsuo HATOU Kenji KANAYAMA Shiro OCHI Keiko ZUBAIR Muhammad

agricultural commodities

consumer perception



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