Estimation of Balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in Relation to Chemical Fertilizer Application in Japanese Orchard Fields

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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The consumption of chemical fertilizers in 1996 amounted to 511,700 t for nitrogen (N), 610,100 t for phosphorus (P2P5), 441,200 t for potassium (K2O). The area of orchard fields was 314,900 ha in 1995 and the ratio to the total cultivated area was 6.4%. If the same amount of chemical fertilizer is applied to each field, the total application to orchard fields should be 32,700 t for nitrogen, 39,000 t for phosphorus and 28,200 t for potassium. respectively. In this report, we estimated the input of chemical fertilizers to orchard fields based on the results of official surveys of orchard area and the standard application rate based on the cultivation guidelines adopted in 37 prefectures. In 1995, the input for main fruit tree species amounted to 50,600 t for nitrogen, 36,400 t for phosphorus and 40,700 t for main fruit tree species amounted to 50,600 t for nitrogen, 36,400 t for phosphorus and 40,700 t for potassium. The output of nutrients from the orchard fields was estimated based on the results of field experiments for the nutrient uptake of fruit trees as follows: 39,800 t for nitrogen, 9,100 t for phosphorus and 35,300 t for potassium for mature fruit-bearing trees. The ratio of estimated input to output was 1.3 for nitrogen, 4.5 for phos phorus and 1.2 for potassium, respectively. These results indicate that the amount of chemical fertilizer application to the orchard fields may be appropriate for nitrogen and potassium but is excessive for phosphorus. However the total nutrient balance was not calculated exactly in Japanese orchard fields because the total nutrient input could not be determined owing to the paucity of statistical data on organic matter application and also the total output could not be calculated due to the paucity of field experimental data.

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