Development of Silk Yarns for Knitted Fabrics

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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The mechanical characteristics of knitted silk fabrics prepared using salt-shrunk, fiberdispersed and resin-treated silk yarns were determined based on the Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabrics (KES-FB). These knitted fabrics had a very feel and were fluffy and light. The amount of starting material yarn needed to obtain a knitted fabric of the same thickness was smaller in the case of the processed yarns compared with the unprocessed control yarn. Among the mechanical properties determined, the fabrics made from the processed yarns had higher values for the LT, WT, B, 2HB, LC, WC, MMD and SMD parameters, and lower values for the G, 2HG and 2HG3 parameters than fabrics made from the control yarn. These changes in mechanical characteristics suggest that knitted fabrics made from the processed silk yarns are flexible and elastic, have a higher resilience, and are soft and stretching. Although the primary hand feel (HV) parameters like ‘Koshi’ (stiffness), ‘Fukurami’ (fullness and softness), and ‘Numeri’ (smoothness) of the knitted fabrics made for winter outer garments from the processed silk yarns were about the same as those of knitted fabrics made from the control yarn, the former had a higher total hand feel value (THV) which is used for assessing fabric quality. Based on the determination of the various mechanical properties and the results of evaluation by users who wore the silk sweaters, it is considered that the salt-shrunk, fiber-dispersed and resin-treated silk yarns have a good potential as yarns for knitted fabrics.

作成者 Hiroshi KATO Tamako HATA
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