Papaya Ring Spot, Banana Bunchy Top, and Citrus Greening in the Asia and Pacific Region : Occurrence and Control Strategy

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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Results obtained in a special project on insect-borne virus/virus-like diseases of tropical fruit trees implemented during the period 1991-1995 are presented. Incidence of papaya ring spot virus (PRSV), papaya leaf-distortion mosaic virus (PLDMV), banana bunchy top virus (BBTV), cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), citrus greening and citrus tristeza virus (CTV) was examined by ELISA tests for virus diseases of papaya, banana and citrus, and by DNA probes for citrus greening. The FFTC survey teams visited countries in the Asia and Pacific region including Fiji, Guam, Indonesia, Japan (Okinawa), Korea (Cheju), Mainland China, Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia), Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia), New Caledonia, Palau, the Philippines, Pohnpei, Saipan, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Vietnam and Western Samoa. The distribution of PRSV and PLDMV diseases is expanding. A large area covering East Malaysia, Mindanao, Fiji, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Palau, Pohnpei, Tonga, Western Samoa was found to be free from these diseases. In Okinawa, Taiwan and Saipan which are located in the northern marginal area of distribution of PRSV, the incidence of PLDMV was also observed. BBTV used to occur together with CMV. BBTV had a wider distribution than had been previously assumed, because banana plants did not show lesions when infected with the symptomless mild strain of BBTV. Except for some Pacific islands including those in Micronesia and New Caledonia, all the countries visited were found to be infected with both BBTV and CMV. Citrus was affected by the greening disease and CTV except for some islands in Micronesia. The distribution of a new greening strain which infects pomelo is now expanding. In addition to Taiwan and Mainland China, Okinawa, Mindanao, Palau and Thailand, citrus trees including pomelo are likely to be destroyed unless appropriate control measures are taken. Integrated management system of insect-borne diseases of fruit trees was analyzed in terms of the development of a production system for virus-free seedlings, protection of seedlings from attacks of viruliferous vectors and the elimination of virus sources.

作成者 Keizi KIRITANI Hong-Ji SU
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