Single Application of Controlled Availability Fertilizer to Nursery Boxes in Non-Tillage Rice Culture

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
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Single application of a controlled availability fertilizer (CAF; sigmoid type) to nursery boxes was investigated for non-tillage rice culture. The soil used for the study was a Gley soil with poor drainage. The cumulative release rate of total N from the CAF was 2.8% in 34 days at the nursery stage without artificial heating. The CAF application increased the number of tillers, when compared to the conventional compound fertilizer (CF), even through the total amount of nitrogen applied with the CAF was only 50-60% of that with the CF. The uptake of nitrogen by rice plants treated with the CAF was higher than that with the CF. The recovery of the CAF N was as high as 79% at the maturing stage. The roots of rice plants with the CAF extended deeper into the subsoil. The CAF applications increased the yield of rice by 10% compared with the CF applications.

作成者 Yoshihiro KANETA
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