Screening Wild Species of Rice (Oryza spp.) for Resistance to Rice Tungro Disease

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
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Tungro is one of the most serious rice diseases in South and Southeast Asia. Production of tungro-resistant cultivars is a major breeding objective. Wild species of rice (Oryza spp.) and African cultivated rice, O. glaberrima, were evaluated as possible sources of resistance to rice tungro disease. Two hundred and ten accessions were tested for resistance to RTBV and RTSV infection. Of these, 52 accessions were not infected with RTSV and 15 accessions were not infected with RTBV when inoculated with viruliferous green leafhoppers. Three accessions of O. rufipogon (IRGC Acc. no. 105908, 105909 and 105910), 3 accessions of O. officinalis (IRGC Acc. no. 105100, 105365 and 105376) and 1 accession of O. redleyi (IRGC Acc. no. 100821) showed a degree of resistance to RTBV infection independent of vector resistance. The level of resistance to rice tungro disease shown in these 7 accessions of 3 wild species was higher than that found in cultivated rice. These wild rice accessions could be useful in developing rice cultivars with a high resistance to tungro.

作成者 Nobuya KOBAYASHI Ryoichi IKEDA Duncan A. VAUGHAN
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