Quality of Soybeans for Processed foods in Japan

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
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In Japan, soybeans have been consumed as a raw material for various types of processed foods such as Tofu, Miso and Natto. Regarding the quality of soybeans in food industries, protein and oil contents as well as ratios of these two components are critical in making Tofu; while appearance of the raw soybeans and hardness and color of the steamed beans are priority factors in making Miso and Natto. In relation to the taste of soybean foods, composition of free sugars contained is closely associated with the taste of Miso and Natto. Quality of the raw soybean materials had a great effect on the quality and suitability for processing Miso and Natto, but not so effective for making Tofu. In this respect, the differences in the raw materials were related with genetic factors or cultivars rather than with cultural conditions.

作成者 Harue TAIRA
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