Growth and Yields of Winged Bean Grown in Different Seasons in Okinawa

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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 Three different experiments were carried out to evaluate a new variety of winged bean, 'Urizun', developed in Okinawa, regarding seed and pod production, flowering behavior, and growth pattern of seed and pod at Ishigaki Island (24°N lat. ).
 Experiment 1: Effect of sowing dates on growth and seed production.
 Six varieties including Urizun were sown bimonthly from January to September. Urizun showed the slowest seed germination, but the earliest maturity. Its seed yield was higher than any other varieties tested, when sown in January, March and May. Urizun produced pods whenever mean temperature was higher than 20 °C, while tropical varieties, UPS-31 and, Tpt-2, set pods during three months after October.
 Experiment 2: Pod and seed development with time.
 Two contrasting tropical varieties, Tpt-2 and UPS-31, were used to investigate pod and seed development. Both varieties attained maximum values of pod and seed size, 30 days after flowering (DAF), and fresh weight of pods 30 to 35 DAF, but dry weight continued to increase till the last sampling time (55 DAF). Maximum moisture content of about 90% was kept till 20 DAF.
 Experiment 3: Green pod production of Urizun.
 The experiment was conducted in a farmer's field with fertile soil. The pods were harvested 12 to 15 DAF just before the suture began to become fibrous. The daily pod production of a single plant of Urizun and UPS-31 was 3.5 pods and one pod, respectively, during the optimum harvest season (from early November to early December).

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