Integrated Research for Development Approach to Upgrade the Whole Rice Value-chain in Sub-Saharan Africa: Contribution of Africa Rice Center after NERICA (New Rice for Africa)

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
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In the past 10 years, Japanese scientists have played a leading role in research for development in Africa Rice Center for pre-breeding, breeding, agronomy and post-harvest research which cover the biophysical aspects of the whole rice value-chain. This paper summarizes the related achievements of the center in situation and scenario analyses, varietal development, decision support tools, good agricultural practices and component technologies, land expansion for rice in lowland and improvement of water management, and post-harvest technologies. Although rice production of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has been increased, the situation of rice self-sufficiency in SSA has been getting worth due to faster increase of consumption than that of production. More efforts exploiting the new opportunity of One CGIAR and partnerships with governments, advanced institutes, national agricultural research systems and private sector should be made.
作成者 Koichi FUTAKUCHI Kazuki SAITO
著者キーワード agronomy breeding post-harvest rice self-sufficiency in sub-Saharan Africa
公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
受付日 2021-04-06
受理日 2021-07-21
Special Issue
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