Characteristics in Phosphate Adsorption of Major Soil Groups of Thailand

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
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 Phosphate adsorption in the major soil groups in Thailand was examined over the wide range of pH and equilibrium P concentration, and the characteristics of these soils in P adsorption were discussed in terms of Langmuir adsorption model and equilibrium diagrams for phosphate compounds.
 P adsorption increased steeply at pH values where buffer intensity of the soils was at its maximum. Thus, P adsorption is greatly affected by kinds and amounts of soil components responsible for H+ or OH- acceptance.
 P adsorption by Grumusol increased steeply due to precipitation of calcium phosphate compounds above pH 6 when more than 75 ppm of phosphate was added. The product of actual ion concentration, QST= (CaT)x×(PT)y, also exceeded conditional solubility product, Ps= c*Kso(H+)z/(αca)xH2PO4)y around 6, and adsorption isotherm indicated that phosphate was precipitated as calcium phosphates.
 P adsorption by ASS reached its maximum around pH 5, but adsorption isotherm at this pH value showed that the precipitation of alumino-phospho compounds in the bulk solution was not significant even at 150 ppm, therefore, this is due to the formation of surface chelating compounds with hydroxy-aluminium. Rock phosphate with high content of Ca is highly recommendable as a phosphate fertilizer to ASS. P adsorption in FWA increased greatly in acidic pH region when high concentration of P was added and then decreased smoothly with increasing the equilibrium pH. This reflects structural fragility of the soil, and indicates that clay with ill-defined structure and amorphous materials are responsible for P adsorption in this soil.
 P adsorption in RBL and NCB is much less than in Grumusol and ASS. Fe contained in RBL seems to be inactive unless P concentration is high and pH is very low. So that there is no need to pay much attention in ordinary levels of phosphate fertilization.

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