Asian Food Supply-Demand Situation from a Global Perspective

JIRCAS international symposium series
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Due to the rapid economic growth, Asian food market is facing a diversification process. The change cannot be easily predicted as the Asian food sector has some peculiar characteristics. Food consumption pattern and production practices are not fully comparable with those empirically observed in the other regions. Diversification of the food market in monsoon Asia seems unprecedented. The paper examines the past trend of food supply and demand in the region compared with the rest of the world. Reviewing the past projection studies, a general picture of the future situation is given. Some factors which have not sufficiently been introduced in the models are discussed using practical statistical analysis.
As a result, it appears that the region's agriculture has enough potential to support the population provided that the current level of yield growth is kept. The yield will be dependent on key factors such as further improved irrigation systems and efficiently controlled chemical inputs. Also feed requirement based on the strong demand for livestock products in the region may not be as large as anticipated, as far as· grains are concerned. Regarding trade, the region should be careful about reforming the policy, and even within the framework of freer trade, the region's food supply potential should be maintained and improved by promoting the diversification process.
作成者 Osamu Koyama
公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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