New Methods and Results in Monitoring Field Release of Genetically Modified Organisms

JIRCAS international symposium series
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In Germany, biosafety research accompanying field releases of genetically modified organisms is mainly supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF). The project "Biosafety research accompanying field releases of transgenic plants", performed at the Federal Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, consists of three main topics:
• Transcapsidation and recombination of viruses in transgenic plants expressing virus genes,
• Gene transfer from transgenic plants to other organisms,
• Influence of foreign gene expression in transgenic plants on plant-associated microorganisms.
Besides giving results from the BMBF-supported biosafety research, we are reporting on molecular investigations on the outcrossing of herbicide tolerance genes in the frame of a project accompanying field releases of BASTA-tolerant oilseed rape. We are also reporting on a joint action (in which more than 15 German laboratories are involved) to develop polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based techniques for the detection of transgenes/GMOs in potato, yoghurt, and raw sausage.
In the frame of this biosafety research, different methods for the sensitive detection of GMOs have been developed which will be useful for post-release and post-commercialization monitoring of GMOs.
作成者 J. Schiemann H. Backhaus U. Commandeur A. Dietz-Pfeilstetter1 B. Engelen F. Gebhard H. Heuer R. Koenig D.-E. Lesemann E. Maiß A. Matzk F. Niepold K. Smalla R. Casper
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