Functionalities of traditional foods in China

JIRCAS international symposium series
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The Chinese have been exploring and making use of the functionalities of traditional foods for many years. In particular, preserving health through diet has been a very important part of the traditional dietetic culture of the Chinese, based on the theory of Chinese medicine. Increasingly, other people throughout the world are recognizing the functionality of Chinese traditional foods. But these foods are also facing challenges due to lack of continued investigation and coordination, changes in people's lifestyles, and the Western influence on food and medicine. For these reasons, Chinese traditional health foods have not advanced, and some are even in danger of being lost.
In order preserve these foods for future generations, modern knowledge and technology should be applied to investigate, coordinate and develop them. Advances in this field would also have a significant role to play in meeting the requirements of an increasing population, improving the health of consumers, increasing value-addition of agricultural products in China, and vitalizing the rural economy.
In this paper, Chinese traditional foods are reviewed in terms of their functionalities and current standing. At the end of the paper, some countermeasures are suggested and some recommendations given on how to develop the traditional foods of China.
作成者 Li Lite Yin Lijun Zhang Jianhua Zhang Xiaofeng Zhao Lin
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