On-farm Evaluation of an Improved Fallow System In the Philippines

JIRCAS international symposium series
ISSN 13406108
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Although agroforestry is a new field of study, many forms of indigenous agroforestry systems have existed for generations. These systems have to be documented and evaluated so that factors responsible for their sustainability could be identified. The objective of the study is to document and evaluate the Naalad improved fallow system in central Philippines.
Six farms at different stages of fallow and cultivation were identified. The activities of the farmers are being documented and selected soil properties are being analyzed. The Naalad system has two basic modifications: introduction of a tree legume to hasten fallow period and the constrution of a fascine-like structure made of tree branches to conserve soil. Preliminary results of soil analysis are presented. There seem to be no significant differences of soil properties at different stages of cultivation and fallow.
作成者 Rodel D. LASCO
公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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