On November 29, 2017, a seminar on mitigating salinization was held by JIRCAS in Gulistan City, Syrdarya Region, Republic of Uzbekistan. JIRCAS has been implementing a research project to develop salinity mitigation technologies jointly with the Farmers’ Council of Uzbekistan with support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, and the project has resulted in the publication of the technical manual titled “Shallow sub-surface drainage for mitigating salinization”.

Forty people, including farmers and technicians in the region as well as Uzbek and JIRCAS scientists, participated in the seminar. JIRCAS researchers described the manual in detail. In addition, they exhibited the hole drilling machine named “Cut-drain,” which is used for the technology, and explained its structure and function. In the last half of the seminar, participants showed their deep interest in the technology. Farmers who participated in the survey and research testified on the positive effects of the technology, i.e., in removing salt and consequently increasing crop yield. Furthermore, a local scientist pointed out some important things to remember in the construction, and farmers questioned the durability of the “Cut-drain”. There were also comments that governmental support should be considered in disseminating the use of the “Cut-drain” machine.

写真1 JIRCASセミナー参加者

Photo 1. Participants of the JIRCAS seminar

写真2 展示したカットドレーンの説明

Photo 2. Exhibition and demonstration of the “Cut-drain” machine