Dr. Kaoru Kitajima, a member of Board of Trustees, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Dr. Christopher Martiu, Team Leader - Climate Change, Energy & Low-Carbon, CIFOR、Mr. John Colmey, Communication, Outreach, Engagement、CIFOR, and Dr. Daisuke Naito, Scientist, CIFOR, visited JIRCAS on September 28, 2018

JIRCAS researchers and CIFOR delegation introduced research activities of both institutes and exchanged their views about future research collaborations and partnerships.


Participants of the meeting at JIRCAS

From the front row right: Dr. Masa Iwanaga, President, JIRCAS; Dr. Kaoru Kitajima; Dr. Christopher Martiu; Mr. John Colmey; Dr. Daisuke Naito