A six-member delegation led by Administrator Hermenegildo R. Serafica of the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA), Department of Agriculture, Philippines, visited JIRCAS Headquarters in Tsukuba and the Tropical Agricultural Research Front (TARF) in Ishigaki on February 4-10, 2018 to enhance the JIRCAS- SRA partnership and provide impetus to the current collaborative project. The SRA also took the occasion to award a certificate of appreciation to the invaluable contribution of JIRCAS through the efforts of Dr. ANZAI Toshihiko and Mr. GOTO Shinkichi, the main project scientists, for developing sustainable sugarcane cultivation systems in the Philippines and for actively disseminating novel technologies and appropriate fertilizer application methods to local sugarcane farmers. The Philippine delegation also interacted with sugarcane scientists at TARF and visited sugarcane farms and a sugar factory in Ishigaki Island.

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